Canvas Tote Cases

$ 216.00

We’re pleased to present our fashion tote collection featuring Womankind and Dream in Color. This large cotton canvas tote with sturdy handles and deep gusset is stylish and utilitarian. A capsule of printed totes sourced by a local, woman-owned business. Perfect for weekend carry-all, groceries, or books.

About our graphics: MADE by DWC’s mission has always been, at its heart, about advocating for women, who are disproportionately affected by homelessness. Our Womenkind totes celebrate the women we serve, who exude radiance, resilience, and empathy, even in the most challenging of times. Our Dream in Color totes is a reminder to our community that diversity and hope are two pillars of our mission.

  • Shoulder length straps
  • 100% 12oz cotton canvas

They come in a case of 12 units of a single item or an assorted case (4/ea design).


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