LA Original Candles

$ 32.00

In collaboration with the Mayor's Fund of Los Angeles and the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, LA Original was developed to celebrate Los Angeles as the creative capital of the world.

Our exclusive LA Original candles feature four unique scents that celebrate the geographic diversity and beauty of this great city:

  • City Lights: Take your candle journey to the stage with this mosaic of patchouli, oak harvest tobacco, and wild flowers.
  • Desert Bloom: This palette of wildflowers, lavender, and musk is reminiscent of your favorite desert day trip during a late spring super bloom.
  • Coastal Breath: Tickle your nose with the essence of the salted ocean dew and soft floral hints of Jasmine.
  • Canyon Sage: Experience the calming fragrance of desert cactus flowers and sage nestled in warm hints of citrus.

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