Piece by Piece Candle

$ 76.75

Special Edition Holiday 10oz Candle

Illuminate Lives with MADE by DWC and Piece by Piece 

Discover the radiant glow and transformative power of the special edition holiday candles, a collaborative creation by MADE by DWC and Piece by Piece, two remarkable Los Angeles-based social enterprises championing change and fostering empowerment in marginalized communities.

Notes of: Cotton Blossom, Linen, Powder


MADE by DWC is a project of the Downtown Women’s Center and it stands as a beacon of hope in Los Angeles, tirelessly working to end homelessness for women through comprehensive job-training and mentorship programs. This social enterprise is not just a brand; it’s a movement towards a brighter, safer, and more inclusive future for all women. Your purchase is more than a transaction; it's a pledge to stand by women reclaiming their lives.

Piece by Piece

Piece by Piece is not just an art initiative; it's a sanctuary where participant artists from marginalized communities across Los Angeles come together to heal, learn, and grow. Through the art of mosaic creation, individuals rebuild their sense of self, forge community bonds, and acquire marketable skills that pave the way for financial independence and personal fulfillment. Each purchase is a testament to resilience, a nod to artistry, and a step towards a future brimming with opportunities.

Special Edition Holiday Candles: The Essence of Los Angeles

Immerse yourself in the unique and luminous world of our special edition holiday candles, available in opalescent  white and shimmery lavender hues that echo the vibrant spirit of Los Angeles. Infused with a subtle beach linen fragrance, these candles fill your space with refreshing beachy and citrusy notes, bringing a slice of the serene Los Angeles coastline into your home.

When you choose these candles, you choose to support two organizations that put mission and shared values above all. You become a part of a narrative that celebrates transformation, resilience, and the spirit of community. The proceeds from your purchase are reinvested in programs that are crafting new stories of hope and determination, supporting Angelenos on their journey to self-renewal.

Join us in illuminating lives, fostering artistry, and building a community grounded in love and respect. Choose MADE by DWC and Piece by Piece special edition holiday candles.

Color: Purple

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