Tyana found herself facing homelessness in the middle of the pandemic. She lost her source of income, depleted her savings, and was couch surfing with family and friends. Before finding the Downtown Women's Center and MADE by DWC, she ended up living with a cousin who was emotionally and physically abusive. When Tyana sought a restraining order, her case was disregarded, because it wasn’t a traditional experience of domestic violence. She filed nine complaints before her case was taken seriously. Tyana endured an incredibly challenging situation that left her physically and emotionally scarred. Eventually, she left her housing situation and found her way to safety. Tyana was referred to the Downtown Women’s Center where she was able to connect with a case manager to help place her and her disabled mother in housing.

Tyanna shares, "DWC has allowed me to be my full self and recover from my trauma and PTSD. I really appreciate receiving women-centric services, because it helps me to feel empowered to pursue my dreams and housing for my disabled mother and myself. Without DWC’s transitional job program, I wouldn’t have gotten back on my feet. DWC has allowed me to heal from the trauma I experienced in my life. I didn’t experience any judgment. I was able to thrive here.”

Her participation in our transitional jobs program not only offered here the skills to handpour candles, soaps and bath salts, it gave her the creative space for her to reengage with community. 

“The one thing I want the world to know about MADE by DWC is that they are totally committed to uplifting women. MADE by DWC is not new to this, MADE by DWC is true to this.” -Tyanna, artist.